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Occasionally I have an insatiable desire for cock, and hotgirlclub takes over my life completely. I can not think of anything else. I'd be in this constant state of fever for about two weeks and had to order myself. My vibrator poor have been working overtime - I had already masturbated five or six times a day - but hotgirlclub they really needed. I needed to cum - and lots of it - in my pussy in my face, my tits, everywhere. I wanted to be covered in fabric. However, a cock was not enough - he needed fucking well. I told my best friend Nicola, what I had in mind, and she agreed to help some kids find appropriate - teeshirt tight with no pink bra - although it is clear he would not join in. So -edge made white thong and jeans that showed her long legs and my shaky ass perfectly. went to the local pub and soon to speak of three kinds of great looking - Rob, Chris and Andy. Nicola whispered to me should not remain, soHis authority. The children were more attentive, and after buying lots of drinks, I asked if I wanted a little fun back to my seat. His eyes lit up, for what happened. My pussy was throbbing in anticipation, as I would like to pass on what I thought. We went back to me and the boys gave me a beer each before I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I have tried to clean my pussy dripping, but once wiped clean, it was wet again, so I left it as it was. My pussy was hotgirlclub swollen and red and I was always Randie by the second. left and all the boys were naked with stiff cocks in the air. All were huge, with big waves of fat. I could not wait ! I told the guys that wanted to fuck me all night, and I expect to be run several times. I told them they could decide how I was then for the first session, I was recording for the second call. Chris was the first time, and ordered me to bend over hotgirlclub the table, naked except for my pInk thong. I took off my top hotgirlclub and jeans and hotgirlclub bent over, shaking the small rear face. Chris came up behind me, pulled my panties juicy side and slid his tail up and down my hotgirlclub hotgirlclub pussy slippery. Then he pushed her and began to fuck me deeply and slowly, while his colleagues observed. Went smoothly at first, my wet hole full of his cock rock hard. He stroked my thigh, and fit my small tits fondled young gay as fuck me suck the fat tail noise as it slid in and out, his sperm -filled balls slapping against your ass. Accelerated, rammed my hot pussy increasingly difficult. I pushed forward, crushing my tits on the table, as he continued to fuck me. At one point, he beat me so hard, ripped from the table until it hit the wall. I suddenly remembered it was just my first in the queue of several, and my first dust of many that night, and my hotgirlclub orgasm began to build. I groaned aloud, asking Chris pounds and it took meout, so I made my orgasm as a steam locomotive built, and went into orbit. 'Oh, my God, I 'm running I need milk, liters of a bitch - just fills me with semen', then I called my orgasm exploded.. 'I 'm running I 'm running I'm running,' he shouted as my cunt spasm and shuddered as I like to come! a bitch. This leaned over the edge and I felt his cock swell as he took my young pussy wanting more and more difficult. Suddenly, he turned his penis and began masturbating rivers of hot cum all over his back hotgirlclub and buttocks. Hot jets sprayed his pants and felt his brave disorder dripping down my back. More and more as they sprayed his creamy load hotgirlclub shot. God, it felt good. lay there panting, still bent over the table, wet back, buttocks and hair with sperm. I staggered and Rob said : 'Come out bitch I'm hot - come and sit on my lap,' that wobbled on the couch, where he was Rob, tail straight and stiff sitting at least 8 inches in length. It was thick and red andd precum covered, in which she masturbates while receiving Shagged Me on the table. I pulled my panties wet, got over it and let me down on his throbbing cock. Way of the hotgirlclub Value and pussy juice was dripping from his balls. My pussy was so wet that slid easily and I started jumping up and down. My breasts hotgirlclub were just slightly firm just right for your face licked and nibbled them as they passed by. The best thing about this was that I had to control the pace. He pushed as hard as I jumped our sweaty bodies together so hard hit we took. saw Andy had broken fair and just this little performance. I told him next time, and around your penis ready for my little tight pussy. Chris was rock hard again drank his beer and stroked his massive construction. I was grabbing the back of the sofa, as up and down relentlessly Rob Hahn said. Finally he began to moan hotgirlclub loudly and pushed his cock in me, even harthe. Suddenly he cried : ' Oh shit, here comes, here she comes!' And the fat cock inside me broke. He ordered huge packets of sperm into my eager young pussy so hard she could feel each jet as it sprayed the inside. More and more until it is passed to run and started leaking. Finally he stopped and sprayed me has, so a sticky trail of cum as my pussy gushed. Andy said he could not wait any longer. ' Lie on your back! ' I said, 'and put your legs in the air! ' I did what I told my pussy red, swollen, exposed to the world, muscle spasms and ready for the next key. Without me that Andy had found a feather in my apartment and started to tickle my vagina and clitoris with it. I was in absolute heaven. After an hour or less prolonged period of heavy shit and rubbed my clit with a feather duster again put me in orbit. But Andy was teasing me, the son of a bitch, and I do not cum until I almost begged. I've been trying to get my hotgirlclub finger windown my clit, make me, but I stopped. After 10 minutes or so of this torture, finally pity on me and let me explode. My orgasm built and built, and complained loudly. Then I realized, and the great waves of orgasm spasms through my hotgirlclub body. God it felt so damn good. Andy laughed, and in one swift movement began my steaming pussy. His cock was the biggest of them all, and went in and out. Did not last long, however, and hotgirlclub with a loud groan, my pussy was flooded with sperm neglected even more. It hotgirlclub was a massive load - one hotgirlclub of the largest cuntfulls I've had. He returned to the other, and Chris said, 'Okay - what's next ' I have told them for the next round, I wanted a cock in each hole - one in my pussy, one in the ass and the third in the mouth. They were hard again, so he quickly went to work. Chris lay on his back, and I was down on his cock, and then I leaned forward to get my tight little ass in the air. Rob came backI shovel a load of my pussy juice and spread it on my ass. They spread a handful of his bulbous cock end and slid it into my hole. He slipped easily and soon became fully integrated. Andy put his cock in my mouth and we were ready to go. started slowly at first, building a fantastic rate, and then faster and agitated. The boys were away, to beat me everything was worth it. I could almost feel the rubbing two cocks in my pussy and ass with me, as he rammed in and out. The children were screaming and crying, and told me what a hot dog he was and what she wanted to fill all my holes with their thick juicy cum. This turned me on even more, as I squirmed between them, are trying their charges brave get your birdseed. I yelled at them to try to end at the same time, and Chris and Rob almost finished. Rob was first explosions huge explosions of cum in my tight little ass, shortly after Chris, who hotgirlclub pumped another load into my pussy hot soak. Jet after jet out of his cock as he filled me angry again. Meanwhile, my pussy was so full that as soon as their cargo jets Chris, who was no more. Andy is hotgirlclub out of the well, and covered my face and hair with his semen thick and sticky. Dripping from the nose and hair, and masturbated to the last drop. all decided it was time to get some sleep, so that together in bed. But not for long! After a few hours, I got a whopper of an erection hotgirlclub nudged my legs open. I was half asleep, but very hot again, so he dropped me. I think it was Rob, but I'm not sure. What followed was nothing less than a shit. I, for some reason is full of joy, and began to moan very strong as his cock slid in and out. The angle on my clit was fantastic and I met with a cry. The other two had woken up and now take turns filling my pussy. The first time you load shot on me - once you finished, another took its place. None of them lasted a long time - that rolled over me, grabbed me hard and dumped their loads. My pussy was like a drain pipe full of people and the whole bed was soaked in sweat juice, semen and pussy. I awoke several hours later, and she was gone, but not their phone numbers ! I could use a day. He was drenched in my bed, masturbating with care as I thought last night's activities. Despite coming so often, as I soon felt to be rebuilt, and had another glorious orgasm, Frigga forgot when I think of all the cock she had in the past 12 hours. If you let me go - at least for a couple of weeks!
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